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 "This product is amazing and works fast! My husband has arthritis on both sides of his hip which causes joint stiffness, swelling and weakness. I usually don't write reviews but since this product actually worked I wanted to make sure I gave an honest review. We have purchased so many products/scams for arthritis pain relief medicine and have wasted so much money in the past and it's about time we found something that really works.  WE ARE VERY HAPPY WITH MYO MED PRO!" -by Esther

 "I suffer from muscular dystrophy therefore I have chronic arthritis. I have used many muscle rubs but nothing seems to relieve my pain. I thought I'd give this arthritis muscle rub by myomed. I must say that as soon as I rubbed just a dime size amount on my feet I felt a deep heat penetration. I'm not going to name brands but most rubs I've bought do not penetrate at all, it's like I never put some on. With this all I did was put it on and spread over area and just wait for it to work on its own. My aches feel relief almost instantly. Omg I recommend this product to everyone because it actually worked for me._-  by L.K.

"This is a great pain relief cream. My daughter works at a repetitive job and complains about shoulder pain. She was so excited about receiving this that she opened it in the car. She immediately put some on her shoulder. The cream is dispensed with a pump that just gives the right amount out at a time. She said that it gave almost instant relief. After a week using it she said it like a miracle cure for her chronic pain. When we used it in the car the first day it seemed to have a strong odor but now I don't smell it on her it all and I take her to work everyday. This is an all natural cream and I like that a lot. This will definitely be on our buy it again list over and over. It is made in the USA which is always a plus too!" - by Sharon S

"My mattress kills my hips and back on a daily basis. This Pain Relief Cream from Myomed is THE BEST pain cream I have ever used. I got immediate pain relief and that has never happened to me before with any pain reliever. It has a strong smell in the beginning, but that dissipates and as long as it continues to work this well, I can live with the smell because it goes away quickly. It is made of Menthol, Camphor, Eucalyptus Oil, Wintergreen Oil, and Pine Needle Oil. I like that it is made in the USA and FDA approved. It comes in a pump bottle which is great. You just pump into your hand and rub it on, then wash your hands. I am so impressed with how well it works and extremely happy with this purchase. I am now a loyal customer. Thank you Myomed for such an excellent product!" - by Saundra